Health Care Foundation

HCF is a secular, non-political, non-governmental, non-profitable, registered charitable society with a broad experience in uplifting the people with mental illness and intellectual disability, conducting relief operations, health camps, blood donation camps, national integration camps for the youth, guidance and counseling programs, disaster management trainings, medical equipments distribution etc.

Healthcare foundation is formed and registered under the ‘Societies registration act of 1860’ in the year 2010 and is affiliated to ‘Indian Council of Social Welfare’, ‘Nehru Yuva Kendra’ and ‘State Youth Welfare Board’.

HCF is empowered by a horde of vibrant youngsters whose hard work and determination leads the organization to achieve the vision of becoming the subvention of despair and shelter of deprived with its roots embedded in love...



9th Annual Day Celebration at Karunyatheeram Campus,5.00pm to 9.30pm. Inauguration :-Mr.O.Abdul Hameed(Former E.S.I Chairman) Chief Guest:-Mr.Shaan.P (Founder & Chairman of Mathrusneha Charitable Trust)

Annual Day Celebration of HCF "Mazhavillu 2019"

Ever since its formation in 2010, Health Care Foundation is keen on bestowing the society with care, support and guidance . Various activities of HCF run with the magnanimous support of generous hearts that had always sharpened our minds to perform more to the society and its people . It has been 9years, since Healthcare Foundation opened its doors to serve the public and relive the people with physical, Intellectual and multiple disabilities through various social and philanthropic programs. And now, HCF is celebrating it’s 9th anniversary. We would like to thank you for your great support and gracious cooperation you have been continuing towards the meritorious activities of the organizatiion.With immense gratitude, we invite your honoured presence to the 9th annual day of HCF"MAZHAVILLU 2019"which is being celebrated at on 30th March 2019 Saturday at Karunyatheeram Special School Campus.

Republic Day Celebration

We have organised a special Republic Day celebration on saturday 26/1/2019 at our Karunyatheeram campus.The Republic Day celebration will be inaugurated by Mr.Pahalisha Kalliyath(Additional Director,Kairali Steels) at 8.30 am.The C.D Publishing of Karunyatheeram song(Lyrics :Mr Fasal Koduvally,Sung by:Mr.Muhammed Easa)will be by A.K. Nishad (Secretary GMI Calicut)in the presence of Dr.A.S. Anoop(Chief Critical Department Head) the chief guest of our function.

"Kiranam 2019"

Healthcare Foundarion in Connection with SIMC(State Institute for the Mentally Challenged) Thiruvananthapuram conducted a One day "Parental Training Progaram at Karunyatheeram campus".More than 150 persons participated in the class lead by Mr.Dhanesh Kumar.

"KAITHIRI" Free Ayurvedic Treatment to Differently abled children

“Kaithiri” is an innovative project to be implemented by Kattipara Grama Panchayat to provide free Ayurvedic treatment, medication, counseling and therapies to differently abled children. The Treatment Center is set up in cooperation with Health Care Foundation and Ayurveda Department at the Karunyatheeram campus; Kaiyodiyanpara,Poonoor. The inauguration of the project will be held on November 8,2018 at 10.00 am by Shri E.P.Jayarajan(H’ble Minister of Industries and Sports) presided by Shri.Karat Razak M.L.A.

Membership Registration

"The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer"--Mahathma Gandhi Yearly Membership updation of Healthcare Foundation is being planned to register on 2/10/2018,Gandhi Jayanthi Day for selfwilling volunteers of above 18 years by attending a training of 4 hours duration from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm at our Karunyatheeram campus .A certificate of membership will be given after training.

Independence Day Celebration

India's gaining Independence was a tryst with destiny as the struggle for freedom was a long and tiresome one;witnessing the sacrifices of many freedom fighters who laid down their lives on the line. Our motherland,India,7th largest country in the world is celebrating it's 71st Birthday.Karunyatheeram Special School will be celebrating Independence Day on Wednesday August 15th ,2018 at 9.00 a.m,at our Karunyatheeram Campus.

Karunyatheeram Pravesanolsav 2018

Karunya Theeram Special School will reopen after vacation on 12th june 2018. Few more seats are available for students with intellectual and physical disabilities. Those who are in the kattippara or nearby panchayaths are given preferences for admission. School provides all services with free of cost like education, food, transport, vocational training, occupational training, physiotherapy and speech therapy. School is running under healthcare foundation and recognized by govt of kerala


Healthcare Foundation is a panicle of compassionate hearts that surrounds the needy and the deserved with the warmth of gentle care by escorting their needs, desires and aspirations.